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Description of Stellio Music Player

Stellio Player is a leader among players. The main goal of which is to beget marvelous high quality sound and at the same time pack it all into the most convenient interface.

The player has powerful audio engine that controls 12 bands equalizer with a lot of audio effects.

We paid special attention to the design - every detail is well thought through. Player's elements adapt to the color of current album art for full immersion into musical atmosphere.

Those for whom default appearance isn't enough we created another 5 high quality themes which not only change colors, but make complete metamorphose.

Media player has a lot of conveniences:

- Get text of songs from internet

- Set cover for a track using convenient search or let the player do all work automatically.

- Change tags of a track

- Smart structure of audio library by Folders, Artitsts, Genres and Albums

- Customize view of launcher Widgets and Notification

- Set sleep timer to shut music down after some amount of time or tracks

- Switch tracks using headset, shake device or by volume buttons

- Scrobble music to

- A lot of other settings like list animations, custom lock screen

Characteristics of audio engine:

- Crossface - smooth transition of a composition sound into another

- Gapless - Play tracks in the way they were mastered, without gaps between

- High-Resolution Audio playback

- 12 bands equalizer and 13 audio effects: VolumeAmp, Speed, Tone, Balance, Echo, Reverb, AutoWah, Flanger, AGC, Z-Bass, Z-Mids, Z-Treble, Compression

- Support playlist file: .cue .pls .m3u

- Supports a many rare audio formats: WavPack(.wv .wvc), Monkey(.ape), MusePack (.mpc .mpp .mp+), Lossless (.mp4 .m4a .m4b), AAC (.aac .mp4 .m4a .m4b ), FLAC (.flac), Speex (.spx .wav .oga .ogg), Opus (.opus), Samples (.wav .aiff .mp3 .mp2 .mp1 .ogg), MOD music (.xm .it .s3m .mod .mtm .umx)

Full support Android Wear

Control music from a watch, choose a track without taking your phone from the pocket. Following possibilities are included:

- The audio player can browse it by artist, folders, or albums

- It can even color the surrounding elements by cover

- Like on a phone, the player changes it color by track cover art


- If you have any problems or wishes - be free with contact us

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Melvin Alexis Garmendez Rubio 2 years ago

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me encanta esta música player "STELLIO" y claro para remover los anuncios es de descargar "stellio unlocker" y ya descargue algunos temas genial!!! :D

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Juan Andrez 3 years ago

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súper buena app, la recomiendo

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